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Whom the Gods Destroy is a Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Edition campaign set in the points of light campaign. The adventure begins six months after the first Omen Star appeared in the eastern sky on Ravenswatch. No one has thus far determined the meaning of the strange omen, but many of the theories have plunged the world into chaos.

Cast of Characters

Adrien (Kim): A female human warrior, abbrasive and caustic, wandering the world at a loose end.

Carric (Sean): A male half-elf knight errant of The Bright City Church, young and naive, investigating the meaning behind the Omen Star.

Rainfall (Ryan): A male shifter shaman who, along with his panther companion, is on the trail of the Beast of Flame, Storm, and Steel.

Silas (Rob): A male human mercenary, road-weary and shabby, wearing a symbol of Erathis he keeps hidden, wielding unknown holy power, and attempting to outrun a mysterious sickly dragonborn.

Main Page

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