Six months ago, while the scattered remnants of civilization observed the somber holy night of Ravenswatch, the full moon suddenly vanished from the winter sky. As people across the darkened world turned their faces skyward, they saw a new, red star appear in the east. Though the shadow lifted from the moon after a scant few minutes, the red star remained, a new point of light in the cloudless sky.

Across the world, people wondered at the meaning of this omen. It must be a message from the gods, distant and mysterious. What could it mean in this dark age? Priests, scholars, lorekeepers, and wizards all offered their own theories: the coming of a new age, the coming of the end, war is upon the world, or peace is upon the world. But who is right, none can say.

One nation prepares to reconquer an ancient empire. Another raises up icons to a new and unknown god. Others ready themselves for the end of days. Long-standing alliances are broken over night and age-old feuds are settled and forgotten. Chaos spreads from city to town to village.

And six months later, in a mournful northern moorland, four unlikely allies come together and discover the aftermath of a terrible crime against Iuon. As they seek for meaning among the desecrated remains of a peaceful abbey, the sun goes dark and a new star appears… again.

Whom the Gods Destroy